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Meet USP

We Make Solar Simple – For Our Customers and Our Communities.

Universal Solar Partners’ (USP) mission is to help lead the global transition to renewable energy. While it’s no small ambition, our vision of a world without fossil fuels is already evolving and transforming the way we live. Our part to play in that transition is to deliver cost-effective, utility-scale renewable energy to customers and communities through our set of company values. These guiding principles are the cornerstone of everything we do:  Customer Satisfaction. Sustainability. Safety. Integrity. Innovation. Click here for more information.

Meet Our Team

Our Team:   Experienced.  Efficient. Excellence.

We are experienced. We are efficient. We execute with excellence. The result is unparalleled service at lower cost. Customers and communities alike benefit from our team’s proven achievement in greenfield development, finance, construction, asset management, and commitment to sustainability. Backed by our deep understanding of PV systems and expertise in every aspect of the project lifecycle, we ensure challenges are solved and value is delivered on time and within budget.

Mike Perry: Founder, Interconnection, Engineering and Construction Management
Javid Somekh: Founder, Real Estate Acquisition and Management
Hezi Kashanian: Founder, Permitting and Project Management
Dirk Michels: Legal and Business Affairs
Gary Brown: Interconnection and Grid Strategy
Roy Schwartz: Power Sales
Jake Brown, Antonio Perez: Community Solar
PJ Cooperman: Project Acquisition
Katherine Potter: Marketing and Communications
Denny Jilkova: Administration

We Like What We Do

Universal Solar Partners is committed to the customers and communities we serve. Our Utility-Scale Solar Projects and our Community Solar offerings deliver clean, affordable energy solutions to the customers and communities we serve. Click to learn more.

We Want to Work With You

Universal Solar Partners serves a diverse range of energy customers. We work to ensure efficiency and success through every aspect of project development to commissioning and for the life of the project. Our customers benefit from a reliable, low-cost renewable energy source and the commitment of a lasting relationship with USP. To ensure customers benefit from our solar solutions we focus on total integration with our partners.

Solar farming is powering businesses and communities across the globe. Universal Solar Partners will ensure your land produces a sustainable and long-term supply of solar energy at competitive prices while being good stewards of the land. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.
An investment in Universal Solar Partners is an investment in competitive, dependable and innovative utility-scale solar, community solar and solar energy solutions. Our ability to deliver integrated, best-in-class capabilities for projects of all sizes makes solar energy and solar energy storage simple and profitable for our customers, investors and the communities we serve. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.
Corporate Power Buyers
Corporations can look to Universal Solar Partners for affordable, flexible solar and energy storage products. In today’s competitive environment, we understand customers need sustainable, dependable and affordable solar solutions delivered on time and within budget. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.
Community Choice Aggregators
Universal Solar Partners understands the unique demands of Community Choice Aggregators. We deliver clean, reliable solar electricity for its residents and businesses alike through a full spectrum of energy capabilities. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.
Electric Co-Ops
Teaming with Universal Solar Partners allows electric co-ops access to solar and energy storage solutions tailored to a co-op’s unique clean energy requirements. We understand that co-ops must deliver on a variety of clean energy solutions and our solar and energy storage capabilities are best-in-class. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.
Utilities can rely on Universal Solar Partners to deliver clean, reliable and affordable solar energy and solar storage solutions to homes and businesses. Our comprehensive capabilities span the entire solar project lifecycle — design, development, construction, financing, and asset management to reduce risk and add value. Click on Get in Touch with USP for more information.

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